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With the ever expanding world population and the need for reliable & sustainable energy resources, we work closely with the owner/operators, consultants, EPC contractors and specialist contractors in assisting with the recruitment of both corporate & senior project related positions in helping to develop and deliver these projects along with the ongoing operations & asset management of these facilities.

Our experience covers the development of traditional power stations generating electricity from fossil fuels, nuclear and hydro sources to more recently clean renewable energy sources from solar and wind energy. In addition to the development of the power source, we assist with the provision of highly qualified senior staff to manage the operations and distribution across regional & international networks.

Notable Projects Include;

Medupi Power Station, South Africa • Kusile Power Station, South Africa • Baraka Nuclear Power Plant, Abu Dhabi • Hidd Power Station, Bahrain • Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, Dubai • Richards Bay Wind Farm, South Africa

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