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Family conglomerates across the Middle East are an integral part of the regional economies and contribute approximately 60% of overall GDP covering all sectors, where they have influence in the economic and political life in the region. The region’s income from hydrocarbons over the last 90 years has supported the growth and diversification of theses largely private, family owned businesses.

Since our establishment in 2006, we have worked closely with a number of major family conglomerates across the region, we appreciate & understand the hierarchies and traditions within these companies along with observing the personal and cultural values. As the region develops further across all areas of the economic landscape and the next generation of family members take over the management of these companies, the importance of hiring the correct executive management teams are essential for continuity & growth and to minimize internal family politics at a strategic level, whilst the family still retains full control of the organisation.

We have a proud and demonstrable track record of supporting some of the region’s oldest and largest privately owned family conglomerates with diversified business interests covering Investments, Retail, Automotive, Real Estate, Construction, Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Machinery and Transportation. Our experience covers the full spectrum, from assisting with restructuring through to hiring strategic C-Level positions across all vertical disciplines.

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